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“Don’t Worry”

I don't know about you but I hate it when someone tells me not to worry when I'm worrying about something! I want to say that it's easier said than done. I found myself worrying this morning about whether we had enough food in the house and debating if I needed to go out and get some more milk and other bits. That started me thinking about whether we had enough to last us if we have to self isolate or if the government says we can't go out.....and so my worry increased. I decided to check my cupboards, and when I did I discovered that I had enough - I had rice and pasta, couscous and noodles. I had some chicken and mince in the freezer and most important…
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Welcome to our page!

This is the place where we will be able to keep in touch and hopefully when all this is over will be a record of how we as a church community have navigated through this challenging time.  In my haste to put the prayer video together I realised that I had missed some people off the list of key workers so please pray for Helen, working in retail, Lisa and Natalie working in schools. So just a short post today but more to come tomorrow. Have a blessed day today whatever you are doing. Denise
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