5 thoughts on “Vickie Blair 22 March 2020

  • Mark

    Thanks Vicki,
    Found the talk really helpful and inspiring.
    In the words of some parts of the American church.
    Preach it Sister

  • Connie Adams

    Such an encouraging and uplifting message! Thank you, Vickie, for sharing what God placed on your heart. We trust God because “It Is Written!”

  • Colin

    Thanks Vickie, Thank you for those encouraging words which we can apply to us in these days. We need to be reminded of what is written in the word.

  • Erica

    Thank you so much Vickie for a powerful and uplifting talk. God used Isaiah 43:2 with me, many years ago to stop me being fearful over Brad’ illness and that verse has carried me through. God has always been faithful to His promise. I have been fearful for my sister as she is in a vulnerable group but you have reminded me that the verse God used for me with Brad applies to all. God Bless You. You are in my prayers as I start the National Call to prayer this evening. Thank you Vickie 😘

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