13 thoughts on “Sunday 3rd May 2020

  • Maggie

    Thank you Denise for a powerful message, and everyone else involved for making it such a good ‘time together’ today.
    Kevin and Magggie

  • Tony and Kim

    Thank you Mark and Denise, particularly for those words of wisdom Denise.
    Thank you Kirk & Sharon and Gillian for leading the worship, and not forgetting Patrick who did a great job in putting this together.

  • Andy and Anne

    Thank you once again for another enlightening scripture that is relevant for these times.

    The bible never fails to be meaningful, irrespective of what age we live in.

  • Sharon Lakin

    Lots to think about, thank you Denise. Have a good week everyone. Amazing to see Gillian with us too 🙂 Sharon and Kirk.

  • Ann O

    Thanks Denise for reminding us to look at what we believe God to be truly like and to trust him. Thanks everyone else involved. Ann

  • Natalie

    Thank you for another fantastic sermon and worship time, Denise, Mark, Sharon and Kirk. Also, it was lovely to see Gillian pop up in the video 😀 xx

  • Denise

    Thanks for joining in this morning – lovely to see Gillian put in a guest appearance.😊 Really enjoying the worship.

  • Gillian and Patrick

    Thank you for the talk, Denise and your sensitive prayers, Mark. It’s a privilege to be able to join with Kirk and Sharon for the worship.
    (Thanks for choosing D major, Kirk!!)
    Patrick enjoyed putting it all together.

  • Sally

    Thank you for this mornings video and all the hard work that goes into putting it together , we do appreciate it .

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