5 thoughts on “Sunday 31st January 2021

  • Sara Messer

    Thank you Mark for thoughts on Psalm 8 (especially about repeated words and their significance and how that carries on into trust) and Denise for prayers – personal and church-wide. Thank you worship team – it was great to see and hear Patrick out front! Thank you for sharing your own thoughts on: A place; A shower (of protection, mercy, love); A gift (of music).
    Having had so much rain recently it was good to be reminded in song that “the rain that falls to soak the ground responds to Your Glory” (! ) I couldn’t stay for the whole meeting but when I got back I was able to hear “What a friend we have in Jesus” – a favourite and one my friend, Bob Brown, also named his no 1 – thank you. Praying for the church here and away and for us to remember that God is over all and all our hope and trust can only be in You. take care all xx

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