4 thoughts on “Sunday 2nd May 2021

  • Sara Messer

    Thank you for the worship today, so right for our week ahead. The message too. So much to learn from. Thank you Mark for leading our prayers and for sharing prayers answered. I really found your verse in Nehemiah 8 so helpful today. I had been thinking on “joy ” through this week and you’ve prompted me to look further and remember too where “strength” comes from!

  • Wendy

    We are finding the talks on Nehemiah really interesting and relevant to our situation now and found today’s chapter inspiring as it shows so many different people coming together in unity of a shared purpose. Looking forward to seeing people this week – for real or on good old Zoom!

  • Maggie

    Another challenging morning! ‘Unless you build this house…..’ yes, that’s what we will be praying for and about in this week of prayer.
    Kevin and Maggie

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