2 thoughts on “Sunday 28th February 2021

  • Sara Messer

    What a fab time on Sunday – Thank you Denise for Psalm 100 – be thankful, be glad and know that His love endures forever.
    Thank you Catherine and Simon for your worship time. “What can I do?” – ( just come, completely, to You). Then a Welcome within praise – “be welcomed in this place”. And also to all the other places people are in. “We are here for You” – exactly, our worship is a witness and a confirmation of how we can be ‘here for You, in whatever way we can.
    Thank you for sharing that personal time for us in praise. Vickie – your message really struck home and spoke to me – about the different ‘lockdowns’; our hopes and our strugggles, and your call to us to call on God.
    “Wait patiently” is something I’ve started to learn thru the years and am still learning and have gotten great comfort and strength from. Looking beyond… to the byways and highways of life is a blessing indeed … but also to the inside spaces we have all come to know even better this past year!
    many thanks to all for the service

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