18 thoughts on “Sunday 26th April

  • Vickie

    Blessed way to start the day. Thank you, Tim, for reminding us to pay attention to how we live each day. Sharon and Kirk, so blessed each week by your leading in worship.

  • Sara Messer

    What a treat each week to spend precious time with wonderful worship and words. thank you Kirk and Sharon , Denise and Mark and Tim… thank you for your message today, so very helpful and challenging too. Yours , with love, Sara x

  • Denise

    Thank you Kirk and Sharon for leading us in worship and it was good to hear Gillian playing as well. (Good editing again Patrick.) Thanks Tim for another challenging and thought provoking message.

  • Maggie

    Great to be able to ‘meet’ with you all today, and to hear Tim’s thoughtful message. Well done Patrick for joining Gillian in with her violin to Kirk and Sharon’s worship time. Thank you.
    Kevin and Maggie

  • Wendy

    Wise words Tim, thank you. Great to hear Gillian playing alongside Kirk and Sharon (thanks Patrick, that’s clever!) .Love to all.

  • Ann

    Thank you Tim for your message, very apt. Again thank you to Sharon and Kirk and it was good to hear Gillian playing in the background. Lovely. Ann and Emman

  • Catherine

    Thank you Tim! Lots to think about.

    Everlasting God, ‘You lift us up like wings on eagles’ How encouraging as we look to the week ahead.

  • Natalie

    Thank you Denise, Mark, Kirk, Sharon, Patrick and Gillian for a wonderful worship time and for bringing it all together so beautifully. Thank you, Tim for such an amazing and powerful message. I could have listened to it for hours! 👌😃 I love that we have this on video, and pray that many people will get to see and hear it. Thank you so much. 🙏 Hope everyone is keeping well and safe. xx

  • Roger and Ann

    Thanks all. Thanks Tim as ever for a different angle; food for thought.
    Amazing that the Sunday morning video becomes more seamless by the week. Bless you all.

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