10 thoughts on “Sunday 25th October 2020

  • Denise

    Thanks Angela and Kirk for leading us in worship and Vickie for your word to us. I will be remembering our church family with thanks and prayers this week.🙏😊

  • Kevin and Maggie

    Lovely time together – thank you everyone. Thank you particularly to Vickie for the reflection on Sally and the encouragement to us all.

  • Sara Messer

    Thank you Angela and Kirk for the worship and for scripture-led thoughts around it too. I was singing along until the last song when I just had to keep quiet and listen to your lovely voices!
    Thank you Denise and Mark and thank you Vickie – we are blessed to have your word, always couched in love and ‘real’ people and situations and yet such a challenge! Samuel 16:7 is really speaking to me as well as Lydia (We did a sensory story at school ages ago and am now remembering how that was). But the biggest thing for me , for today, are Sally’s words, because those are the words my Mum says to me all the time and I think I need to now share a bit about a ‘servants heart’ and a bit more about God with her. Please pray I can do that. x

  • Ann O

    Thank you Angela and Kirk for the worship. I love that line ‘all my streams are found in You’. Thank you for the message Vicky and in encouraging us, with the power of God’s Holy Spirit within us, to do what we can.

  • Tony & Kim

    Thank you Angela and Kirk, you did great! 🙂 Thanks Vickie for your sharing and remembering Sally, and to Mark & Denise. Thank you Patrick for putting it together.

  • Wendy

    Thanks Angela for leading us in worship with Kirk. Thanks Vickie for your lovely reflections on Sally and others with servant hearts. Through the storms,He is Lord of all.

  • Ann Maggs

    Thank you Angela and Kirk for the worship songs and Vickie for the memories of Sally and the encouraging word that we can all do what we can! Annxx

  • Roger and Ann

    Really encouraging and uplifting message,thankyou Vickie and a fitting tribute to dear Sally.
    Lovely to see Angela’s and Kirk’s happy faces. Thanks to you both for the worship time.

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