6 thoughts on “Sunday 25th April 2021

  • Vickie

    Loved the ‘THANKS’ challenge. A great focus, encouraging message, and the time of worship touched me deeply. Thank you everyone.

  • Sara Messer

    I loved the “thanks” challenge too. Something to take on into the week(s) ahead. Prayer for India especially today. Just wanted to share something about the worship today, prompted by Denise’s challenge and the words from the hallelujah worship itself. Thanks everyone for today xx
    H allelujah , Holy One, Help, have your hand, have my heart
    A lmighty, Amen
    L ove, loved, life-gate, Lord
    L et…
    E verything, every believer, ears, eyes, in all the Earth
    L ook to you, (strength, shield, rock),
    U know just what to do, never change, remain, make time for me , uphold, are Unfailing
    J esus, (Jehovah – jireh)
    A ll my days…
    H allelujah, Holy One, so High above the Heavens .

  • Wendy

    Morning everyone! Great to hear more about Nehemiah, thanks Denise. As ever, thank you to the whorsip team for your leading. Xx

  • Tony & Kim Truscott

    Thank you Denise for today’s challenging episode from Nehemiah! Thanks also to Angela, Kirk and Catherine for the worship.

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