9 thoughts on “Sunday 24th January 2021

  • Denise

    Thank you Catherine and Kirk for the worship this morning and to Vickie for speaking and Catherine for praying. I really enjoyed the service and your contributions. Thanks to Patrick as well for putting it all together.

  • Sara Messer

    Thank you everyone for a wonderful service today. Looking round my front bedroom was a challenge as it has several ‘geological’ layers of papers, crafts, books and clothes! A half hidden tray of shallots and garlic caught my eye. Reminded me that they should be going into the allotment in February! Prompted me to say thank you to God for the safe spaces we still have in this country, our rooms, yards, gardens and wider spaces too – beach, countryside. Thank you that we can be safe in your peace wherever we are. x

  • Ann Maggs

    Thank you for the lovely worship and to Vickie for an encouraging word and Catherine for the prayers. As with I looked round my room I saw the little plaque which says Blessed are the peacemakers and thought especially at this time how important that is with so much anger and unrest in the world and only through Jesus can we have true peace

  • Wendy

    Thank you all for the individual bits that made up such a great ‘whole’. As you were asking us Denise to look round the room our dog Jasper came in and sat as close to me as he possibly could and it reminded me that as a Christian I am not left alone to face whatever this week brings, that Jesus walks with me

  • Catherine Njeru

    Thank you for a great service. Nigel and I are grateful for the prayers and we say ‘Amen. Denise asked we look round but what i could hear through my bedroom window, slightly open, were many birds singing in different voices and tones, very calming, and it reminded me of God’s majesty.

  • Vickie

    So enjoyed the worship this morning. As I looked around my room my eyes fell on several animal figurines. I was reminded of how God created everything out of nothing. He spoke the world into existence. A lovely reminder of how awesome is our God.

  • Natalie

    Hi everyone, sorry for being so late to the party but I didn’t get chance to watch this sermon back in January. However, whilst I was waiting for the live Pioneer broadcast to start this morning, I took the opportunity to watch this one. I’m so glad that I did as it was very uplifting and just was at I needed to hear after a particularly difficult week this week. Thank you to everyone who participated in this service – Mark, Denise, Catherine, Kirk, Vickie and Catherine (and Patrick for putting it together). 😊 I also took part in Denise’s activity and looked around my room to see what God wanted to reveal to me. I noticed a small lamp on the table (not switched on) and another floor standing light (shining brightly) in the corner, and it reminded me of what it says in Matthew and Luke about not hiding your light under a basket but putting it on a stand for all to see. It made me want to strive to always be like the floor standing light; shining brightly – rather than the unlit, ordinary lamp on the table. xx

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