6 thoughts on “Sunday 21st March 2021

  • Sara Messer

    Thank you so much Patrick, Kirk and Gillian – wonderful worship today, beautiful. Thank you Denise for your message and for neighbourhood prayer prompts for us. And Mark for linking it back to ongoing church family prayer needs. Just wanted to share some thoughts – hope that’s O.K.
    Some of us have gotten used to Zoom meetings (some of the time) and had some great times together. We may also have spent time alone listening to the Sunday message, or singing along to the worship and I know God has blessed us, wherever we are. So perhaps now, we need to pray that we can embrace and develop some of this for the future.
    Some of us, however, have not been able to access any of this, at all. For us a phone call or text has been a lifeline, some times when we want to listen or talk, some times when we can’t.
    So, perhaps now, we need to pray for everyone who needs a connection to ‘old’ technology and that we can all be connected.
    And for everyone, wherever we are; for the face to face times we all want so much; the chat at the end of the path, the gift left, the greeting across the street, the shared time in church, the journey to say ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’, to a loved one, the ‘thank you’, the hug. So perhaps now, we need to pray that we keep on with these; reconnecting with those we have had, encouraging those we have now and looking to the future You have for us.
    These are all relevant and are equally a challenge for the future, for our church and for each and every one of us in our community. Thank you God you have Your hand on it all.
    Sorry it’s such a long message! yours, Sara x

  • Ann Maggs

    Thank you Denise for that message as we look to the future and what God has for us as we are able to come back together, challenging times! lovely worship too thank you all.

  • Kevin

    Thank you to everyone – challenging and reflective. Lovely to hear the violin so beautifully linked in and the titles get better every week!

  • Claire

    Thank you Denise, Mark, Kirk, Gillian and Patrick

    Such a wonderful encouraging and challenging service throughout. It’s time to really dream BIG with GOD as our guide. Exciting times ahead.

    Claire x

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