14 thoughts on “Sunday 19th April 2020

  • denise59

    thank you Patrick for the editing and Kirk and Sharon for leading us in worship – the preacher wasn’t too bad either!

  • Maggie

    Thank you Mark and Denise, for today’s message, and to Sharon and Kirk for our worship songs, and to Patrick for knitting it all together.
    Kevin and Maggie

  • Andy & Anne

    Thank you for today’s message and worship songs. It is really good to see the faces of all involved. This gives a face to face contact even though we are apart; it is much better than just listening to a recording. Our blessings to everyone at River of Life Church.

  • Sara Messer

    Worship fabulous, as always … our front windows open with any accompagning claps and dance! Really love and need this weekly time – thank you Sharon & Kirk xx
    Mark and Denise – thank you for keeping it ‘real’ (I really love the Proclaimers!) yet going on to reveal so much more. So good to have time to look at the scriptures suggested again but just a quick response if thats OK… was just thinking that Cleopas gave a very ‘prescriptive’ but definitely heartfelt account of things that had happened but didn’t mention “Messiah” in any of it.
    In contrast to other people we have looked at who came for healing and who did. However Jesus gave Cleopas + 1 help with this and they were still able to turn around and return to witness.
    That gives me hope that I can turn around and return to share …. 1stly running these thought past Alan (!) and then later …. ? with thoughtful prayers… xxx

  • Ann Cotterell

    Thanks Mark for a very pertinent message, Kirk and Sharon for the worship songs and Denise for linking it together. It all makes life seem more normal. Not sure how we managed to watch the parts in the wrong order but we participated in it all. Bless you all x

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