6 thoughts on “Sunday 18th April 2021

  • Natalie

    Thank you for a wonderful service as usual everyone. ❤️ I haven’t read Nehemiah before so will look forward to doing this over the coming weeks. xx

  • Kate Grantham

    Thanks, Denise,Nehemiah is such an interesting book you and I’m so glad you’ve chosen it. It is an inspiring book and I look forward to the next few Sundays!

  • Ann O

    Thank you everyone involved in the making of today’s service. Thank you for the worship Angela and as always I appreciate your honestly Simon. Thank you Denise for your talk, that we should have hearts softened by the plight of others; that we should be moved by what moves God.
    Thank you, what a prayer!

  • Maggie

    Thank you to all for this morning. As soon as Denise mentioned she was going to talk on one of her favourite books, we knew it would be Nehemiah! May that be a blessing to us all as we look to now God is leading us as we come out of the lockdown.
    Kevin and Maggie

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