6 thoughts on “Sunday 17th January 2021

  • Claire

    Thank you everyone for a wonderful service. I listened to you all whilst walking early this morning and you have set me up with my walk with God for today. I’m feeling very blessed indeed.

    Claire x

  • Kate Grantham

    Thank you Denise. I’d forgotten how the Romans regarded adoption, good remembrance..

    Great to hear about Pioneer time of prayer. Look forward to it.


  • Tony & Kim

    Thank you Denise for sharing this very meaningful topic that goes to the heart of our relationship with God. It’s always good to be reminder of this.
    Thanks also to Mark, Simon and Patrick

  • Sara Messer

    Hi, just caught up after a tricky morning, so thank you Simon for your words – really connected with those(!) The message has so much to think about… servant… friend… daughter..? It was really helpful to understand what adoption meant for the Romans and for us! Thank you to all the team for a brilliant dinnertime time . much love and stay safe xx

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