14 thoughts on “Sunday 10th May 2020

  • Ann O

    Thanks Vicky, your talk reminded me of that saying that used to be said in the church I went to,
    ‘God is good all the time (not some of the time)
    and all the time God is good.’
    Thank you everyone else involved.
    Ann and Emman

  • Kim & Tony

    Thank you Mark & Denise, Vickie for the encouraging message, and Kirk & Sharon, Gillian for leading the worship.

  • Wendy

    Thank you for that encouraging message Vickie – we needed that. Thanks to Mark, Denise, Kirk, Sharon and Gillian and Patrick. Love to all, Richard and Wendy

  • Catherine

    Thank you Vickie! All of the time, not some of the time will keep me going this week. Kirk, Sharon and Gillian, your worship is a blessing (and of course Patrick behind the scenes.) Have a good week everyone, Catherinexx

  • Ann Maggs

    Thank you Vickie for that word of encouragement and to everyone for the worship and technology to put it all together!

  • Natalie

    Thank you everyone again. 😁 Thank you also to Vickie for your encouraging perspective on things as usual. Callum and I enjoyed watching you this morning. 😘 Loved having the opportunity to listen to The UK Blessing again. It always lifts my spirits so much. 😀 Have a great week everyone. xx

  • Vickie

    Loved being with you all this morning via technology. Appreciate Patrick so very much for putting it all together. Loved the worship together. Blessing to everyone – all the time!

  • Denise

    Thank you Vickie for encouraging us this morning, Kirk and Sharon (and Gillian) for enabling us to worship together and Patrick for putting this all together for us.

  • Roger and Ann

    Good afternoon, this is the late shift but not because we got up late! Much appreciation to all, good to be church together.

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