21 thoughts on “Easter Sunday worship and talk

  • Katka

    I haven’t got an Easter egg :-(. At least not a chocolate one. Apparently chocolate is not an essential item :-O

    Happy Easter everyone

  • Mary Harman

    I’m here! Thank you, I’m enjoying these videos, and how they keep us connected with each other.

    I’ve been sitting watching in my living room with the patio door open, and a blackbird singing his celebration song in the background. He agrees! Christ is risen! Hallelujah!

  • claire & Mark

    Happy Easter Everyone. He Has Risen! No matter what the future lies ahead, we can be sure that we are not alone EVER x

  • Wendy

    Loved the message and the singing and the editing. So appreciate all of you doing this and keeping us connected. Happy Easter everyone Xx

  • Maggie

    Thank you, Kirk and Sharon, and Mark and Denise. Yes, God is with us! Jesus is alive! Happy Eater to all.
    Kevin and Maggie

  • denise59

    Happy Easter everyone! thanks Kirk and Sharon for leading us in worship – nice to see Kitty joining in although she deserted you half way through! πŸ™‚

  • Kate Grantham

    Thank you Denise, you’re right about it being a very different Easter to those we’ve experienced before. It is strange celebrating in isolation, but for me it has made everything stand out more clearly,helped possibly by my visit to Israel. Lovely to have Mark taking part again.

    Enjoy your day together!

    Love n blessings


  • Vickie Blair

    Sharon and Kirk, my spirit soared worshipping along with you! Mark and Denise, thank you for your words. Beautiful reminders of what Jesus did! He is risen!

  • Happy Easter everyone………..WOW what a real and amazing hope we all have in Jesus. Hallelujah

    Thank you guys for the wonderful uplifting worship and talk.

    Nigel and Sharon x x

  • Roger and Ann

    Thanks again all of you. It’s good to be connected and focus on this day of celebration.
    Happy Easter everybody. Xx

  • Sally

    Happy Easter everyone . This morning when I was out for my daily exercise , someone had written on a paving slab ‘ He is risen ‘ Have a good day . xxxx

  • Sara Messer

    Sorry to be so late with our thank you but still remembering Easter Sunday,,, setting me up for the week. windows were open again for anyone passing by!

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