15 thoughts on “7th June 2020

  • Ann O

    Thank you Denise for the lovely message. Makes me feel very humble. Thank you Mark for the prayers. Thank you Kirk, Sharon and Gillian for the worship and to Patrick for putting it all together. Great! Ann

  • Andy & Anne

    It was good to be able to join together in Communion with the whole Church at this difficult and challenging time for everyone.

  • Denise

    Good to be with you all this morning. Thanks Patrick for putting all this together and to Kirk, Sharon for helping us to worship together. Hope to see some of you later.

  • Roger and Ann

    Thanks again to everyone involved in putting together these weekly virtual meetings in which we can all participate. We really appreciate you all.

  • Nicky Francis-Lubbock

    Hi there. I am joining you from Norfolk – quite a distance away I know but Hannah Townsend brought me along one Sunday to meet you all last year and I loved the atmosphere and peace I found with you all so it is great having this link and ‘sharing your table’ as it were. Thank you to everyone who puts these services together and for the promotion of kindness Denise – the most important thing that we can give each other especially in the present climate. I look forward to joining you all next time and hopefully seeing you all again one day

    • Denise

      Lovely to hear from you Nicky and thank you for your kind comment. We’re so pleased to know you’re joining with us. Denise

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