11 thoughts on “5th July 2020

  • Roger and Ann

    Thanks to all the team again; we appreciate how much effort goes into producing this video each week which enables us all to be part of church. Interesting Vickie that the last time our homegroup met, we were discussing barriers that need to be overcome although the context was slightly different.

  • Ann O

    Thank you Vicky for the reminder that Jesus cuts through all barriers and gets to the heart of the matter. Thank you as always Mark, Denise and Gillian and Patrick for your skilful production.
    Ann O

  • Sara Messer

    Thank you everyone for your words and praise, Vickie so good to hear from you. Ann and Emmanuel and Gillian – thank you for worship time – I was loving singing really loud upstairs!! Also the word “cherish” has been on my heart this week – firstly from Patrick on Thurs and then in a praise song today which immediately struck a chord (!) So thank you X

  • Maggie

    Thank you all again. It’s so good to come together, listen to Gods word, pray together, and even sing together! Wonderful how the songs and the talk complemented each other.

  • Kate Grantham

    Thank you Vickie, for the reminder that Jesus goes through the barriers straight to the heart of the matter. Gillian, so lovely to hear the violin again, and Ann and Emmanuel thank you for your part today.

  • Gillian

    Lovely to be ‘meeting’ again today. Thank you Vickie for your helpful insights. I’ve enjoyed Ann’s lovely piano playing these last two weeks. Thank you, Ann.

  • Ann Maggs

    Good to meet together and worship. Thank you Vickie for the word and to Ann and Emmanuel, Gillian and Patrick and Mark and Denise .

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