10 thoughts on “31st May 2020

  • Roger and Ann

    First in instead of last for a change. We watched on Saturday evening, but the worship and the message are no less real for that. Thankyou all of you who make this happen.

  • Natalie

    Wow! Such an exciting weekend; celebrating Pentecost! 😀 Thank you for giving us lots to think about, Denise. And thank you, Sharon and Kirk for the choice of songs. I hadn’t heard the first 2 before but I think they are so relevant at this time for many people; especially “My Prayer for You”. It was wonderful ending on “My Lighthouse “ too 😀 Hope you all have a wonderful week. XX

    • Sharon Lakin

      Ah thank you Natalie, I’m so glad you said that. My song choices made sense to me at the time but when they didn’t really tie in with the sermon I was hoping they would make sense to someone else in some way 😀

  • Tony & Kim

    Thank you Denise for the encouraging message and thank you Mark, Sharon, Kirk, Gillian, Ann and Patrick for your support. All the best!

  • Sara Messer

    Thank you guys for a signpost to our next week(s). Thank u for helping us remember we each have gift(s) from God and that we can pray for courage and power to use them. And that gifts are not big or small… they are just to be used. Thank you for new praise songs xx P.S. My Lighthouse is a favourite so especial thanks for that one (me jumping about in my PJs may not be such a good memory! _ God Bless x

  • Maggie

    Thank you all…nearly a full worship group!
    Good to be challenged again about Holy Spirit, thank you Denise, and Mark.
    Kevin and Maggie

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