7 thoughts on “30 August 2020

  • Hannah Townsend

    Hello Richard and Wendy, you both look well. Very challenging point Wendy about spiritual diet! Toby and I have lost half a stone each through our focus on physical healthy eating this summer but that point about spiritual diet really challenged me! I need to to think as much about what I put into myself spiritually as I do with food!! (That sounds obvious now I reread what I’ve said!!) Was challenged last night watching a Tudor programme and learning of people being burned at the stake for reading the bible.

    Thanks for everyone involved. For Patrick and Jack for putting it all together, Sharon and Kirk for their beautiful worship and Vickie for her encouraging talk. You are all such a blessing. Thanks also to all those praying for us as we start back at school, every prayer means a lot!

    Love to everyone x

  • Roger and Ann

    Thankyou everyone involved in today’s service; for the meaningful words of the songs, the challenge of what we eat to sustain ourselves spiritually, the participation in prayer for our world and the precious minutes at the end of the service to reflect on it all. God bless you all.

  • Sara Messer

    Hi Hannah, I saw that programme too – watched it with hubbie. Thank you Vickie, Sharon and Kirk and Wendy and Richard – so encouraging and thought provoking.
    Thanks to Patrick and Jack for keeping us all going, so much time, expertise and love which we all need and appreciate. As someone who can go without much food through a day (take after Dad, not Mum!) I found this morning quite challenging for other personal ‘fasts’. I’m looking into those and hoping to focus on Him more often! I found Vickie’s phrase then “you can sleep at peace or sing at midnight” a real help and comfort as I ‘m often awake during the wee small hours when I turn to God and enjoy time but then doze during the day! Thank you Richard for the list of countries we can take away today and pray for.
    Thank you Wendy for things nearer to home. Prayers for all kids – from Uni to nursery – for safety, friendship, understanding, rule keeping, learning.
    For all the people – from cleaners to Principals – that they feel safe and comfortable to use their gifts to enable pupils to be safe, engage, return, grow.
    May I also put out a prayer for special schools across Sussex – many were viable during Lockdown for some pupils but now are looking to include more vulnerable guys. Please help the staff to maintain safe places and schedules for those who return. And please give strength to those families who cannot give their children back to school just now – give them strength to carry on in extreme and ongoing situations.
    love to all x

  • Gillian

    Thank you, Kirk, Sharon, Vicky, Richard and Wendy for all the food (!) for thought today. Thanks also to the talented saxophone player who made it impossible for me to think of anything else during his playing! I may have to watch this multiple times! More please!

  • Wendy

    Morning everyone. It is so good that we can be church together like this. Vickie, we have been impacted by your talk and will be doing further thinking and praying about our spiritual diet. Worship time encouraged us, thank you.

  • Ann Maggs

    Thank you to everyone for this mornings service and for the challenging word from Vickie .Reminders to pray for all those going back to school and for the teachers and for those in countries where they are persecuted for their faith.
    Love to all and look forward to our meeting together next Sunday evening

  • Tony & Kim Truscott

    Thank you Vickie for the challenging message. Thanks also to Richard & Wendy, Kirk & Sharon and Patrick & Gillian.

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