8 thoughts on “2nd August 2020

  • beryl

    Thanks once again to all those who have made this Sunday s service,I do appreciate the chance to focus on the most important person in my life Jesus

  • Tony & Kim

    Thank you Denise for that interesting sharing. Also thanks to Mark, Emmanuel, Anne, Gillian and Patrick.
    Tony & Kim

  • Ann O

    Thank you Denise for the talk. It is good to be reminded that our hands are Jesus’ hands on Earth and to be proactive in the use of them. Lovely violin playing Gillian, really enjoyed that and Patrick as always, thank you for your great skill and commitment. Ann O

  • Roger and Ann

    I remember that song Denise; we used to sing it in our 3 – 5s group at Sunday school. That brought back a whole lot of happy memories so thankyou for that and your message of course. Thanks to Patrick, Gillian, Ann and Emmanuel for all your input as well as Mark leading our corporate prayer.

  • Ann Maggs

    Lovely to worship with you this morning .Thank you Ann and Emmanuell and Gillian for beautiful choice of songs and Denise for the challenging word

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