8 thoughts on “27th September 2020

  • Roger and Ann

    Thankyou all once again for this morning. Good to be reminded that God is in control even when it’s hard to see it.
    I’m impressed at your quick change between worship and sermon Denise!

  • Ann O.

    Thank you to everyone involved. Thank you for the encouraging words Denise. The songs and theme seemed to fit together very well today, not that they don’t usually. Have a good week everyone.

  • Wendy

    Must admit we were late to church this morning – don’t think anyone noticed though! Thank you so much for all parts of this morning. We were singing the songs on behalf of Sally and Sue.: ‘Lord, you will never let go of me.’

  • Chrystabell Young

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciated Denise’s talk this morning. It really encouraged and comforted me and gave me the courage to hold on to my faith that feels very fragile at present.

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