16 thoughts on “24th May 2020

  • Maggie

    Thank you Vickie for the encouragement from the story of Jehoshaphat, for Mark and Denise, Sharon and Kirk, Patrick and Gillian, for bringing us this mornings time ‘together.’ Nice to be reminded of us all singing together at the end!
    Kevin and Maggie

  • Denise

    Good to worship together again. Thanks Vickie for your word and to Kirk, Sharon, Gillian and Ann for our worship. Well done Patrick for putting it all together.

  • Wendy

    Thanks for this morning everyone. Glad to see Denise has enjoyed her sunny holiday! Vickie, we really appreciate your talks. Patrick, we wait for the new ‘enhancements’ each week – you have great skill.

  • Sara Messer

    Thank you for this pivotal time of the week… when we can all feel connected in word, prayer and worship. And remember songs we sang physically together. Am praying especially this week for School Staff who want to return to meet their class but who (as always) have the safety of young ones and older ones at the heart of what they do. I have just seen an amazing Utube thingy (??I don’t do this!!) from my ‘old’ school where I was so priviledged to work and it made me remember how much our teachers, assistants, PAs, office staff, cooks, cleaners, pupils and families are in a relationship of trust and I just pray that can continue in these difficult times. Sx

    • Natalie

      Hi Sara, thank you for recognising the part that all school staff play in their individual school communities, and for praying for them all as they prepare to return to work. Your prayers are appreciated. 😘 xx

  • Sally

    Thank you for to-days message , Vickie and the worship , Sharon and Kirk . Also thanks to Patrick and Gillian . Thank you all for taking the time to set this up for us each week , we appreciate it , thank you .
    I’s good to have this time together even though we are apart .

  • Ann Maggs

    Thank you everyone for the worship and Vickie for the encouraging message.looking forward for the time when we can meet together in person!

  • Roger and Ann

    Thanks everyone for your hard work every week. Nice to see you in your living room again Kirk and Sharon, seems more natural to me, Ann, at the moment as we’re not meeting at the church building.

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