16 thoughts on “21st June 2020

  • Sharon and Kirk

    Good morning everyone. We hope you are all well. Thank you to all involved again and to Denise for your words. It’s good to remember how loved we are by our heavenly Father. Have a wonderful week.

    • Kate Grantham

      Thank you Denise for a reminder of how much our Father loves us. And thank you Humphreys, lovely to see your faces! Just loved Joy’s green braids! You girls always make me smile.

  • Denise

    Thanks Kirk and Sharon,really enjoyed the songs this morning and the musical contributions from Ann and Gillian. Thanks Patrick for some clever editing! And thanks to Simon, lisa and Toby, Olivia and Chanel. Lovely to see you all and hear your messages.

  • Wendy

    Hope you all have a lovely Sunday. Great to see even more people this week. Richard and Wendy ( just a thought – does that mean the men get double chocolate next year?)

  • Gillian

    Thank you, Mark, Denise, Kirk ,Sharon and Ann for a lovely time this morning. I find the music usually stays in my head all week and give me a chance to consider the words again. Happy Fathers’ Day

  • Sally

    Thanks for this mornings time together , and thanks for your greetings Olivia and Chanel . Also it was great to see Simon , Lisa and Ben .

  • Ann Maggs

    Hello everyone . Good to worship together and thanks to everyone involved to coordinate it all.Lovely to see Simon, Lisa and Toby and Olivia and Chanelle .Miss you all.xx

  • Happy father day to all the dads over there!
    Nice service Denise and Mark
    We love you all and happy Sunday!
    We looking forward to seeing you all very soon 😍😍✌🏾

  • Mark

    Hello! Thank you for the wonderful talk today. Loved the worship songs. Also so heart warming to see Simon, Lisa, Toby, Olivia and Chanel. Happy Fathers Day xx

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