6 thoughts on “18th October 2020

  • Patrick

    So sorry about Sally, she will be missed. Thank you Denise for addressing it with great sensitivity. And the worship was very apt.
    Hope everyone enjoyed the new opening sequence!

  • Wendy

    Sally was precious to the River of Life family; thank you Denise for helping us understand a little more about the transition from this life. Thank you Simon for being you, you are so appreciated. Yes, loved the new opening and thanks Chris for the music. Love to all

  • Maggie

    Thank you Denise….exactly right for today….and one day we shall be with Jesus too, ……hallelujah!
    And thanks too to Simon, Mark, Patrick and Gillian.
    Kevin and Maggie

  • Natalie

    Thank you for covering this subject, Denise. I found it a very emotional service indeed 😢 Will be praying that all goes well on Thursday 🙏

  • Ann Maggs

    Thank you Denise for the comforting and sensitive word as we all will be missing Sally but so good to know that she is now with the Lord and no more pain or suffering . Great opening ,Patrick
    Love to all Ann

  • Mark

    Thank you Denise for the very sensitive service today. Sally will be deeply missed. But we can celebrate her life ahead with Jesus.

    Thanks to Simon, Mark, Patrick, Gillian and everyone behind the scenes who help in bringing this wonderful time we can spend together.

    Will be praying the service on Thursday goes well.

    Mark and Claire xx

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