10 thoughts on “14th June 2020

  • Roger and Ann

    Thanks to all of you again. Being able to participate in on line church aids our sense of being together and belonging.

  • Kim & Tony

    Thank you Mark & Denise, particularly to Mark for the interesting sharing on the book of Isaiah. Thank you Kirk, Sharon and Gillian for leading the worship, and finally to Chloe for her magnificent solo!

  • Sara Messer

    thank you for the song-words, praise and prayers and thanks to Luke and Chloe for bringing a smile to my face! Miss you!! love Sara x

  • Wendy

    Thanks all round -for the songs Kirk, Sharon and Chloe; for the words from Mark and Luke. Beautiful flowers cared for by Christine and Roger. Xx

  • Sharon & Nigel

    What a great time together…Kirk and Sharon we pray that in sharing with us in song that the preparations may bring you two together even closer to God – what a gift you have been given.
    Mark and Denise to share with you on a Sunday morning in our home is amazing …you definitely enable us to feel Gods presence right here in our home.
    Luke and Chloe so good to see you both and hear your message…great singing and actions Chloe….what are you going to sing next week ??

  • Maggie

    So good to be able to join with everyone again. Thank you Patrick for putting together the extras at the end, as it was lovely to see Luke and Chloe, and be reminded of the work Roger and Christine do. Thank you too Gillian and Ann, for you accompaniment to Kirk and Sharon, all very good, and to Mark for your reminders of Jesus in the OT, and Denise for your prayers. A blessed morning.
    Kevin and Maggie

  • Ann Maggs

    Lovely to join with you in worship .Thank you Mark for that word and Kirk and Sharon and Ann and Gillian and Patrick for the technology to put it all together!

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