11 thoughts on “12 July 2020

  • Vickie

    Sharon and Kirk, I was so blessed by the “anchor me” song. Denise, such encouragements on the value of waiting. Lovely worshipping with you all.

  • Ann O

    I agree Vickie, I thought the “anchor me” song was lovely. Thank you Denise for your words on waiting, I thought they were very constructive and practical when all we might be feeling is impatience. Thanks everybody behind the scenes for putting it together. Ann O

  • Sharon and Kirk

    Morning all, thank you for your words this morning Denise, very apt, and for your prayers Mark. Hope everyone has a good week.

  • Maggie

    So good to be reminded that whatever is happening, what ever will happen, we can trust, and wait upon God who is in control.
    Thank you all for this morning.
    Kevin and Maggie

  • Mary Harman

    Kate and I watched this together. I spent most of yesterday waiting in A&E for test results. Kate and ruby waited here. The family waited in the various parts of the world. Not very patiently! I kept getting messages asking for an update, and nothing had changed. Some people in other bays were really agitated at the wait. it really didn’t speed up the process one little bit. It struck me as Denise spoke this morning that the doctors needed to wait to see what happened next, and that was part of the diagnostic process. God has his own diagnostic process, and I need to wait for His answers to come back. My choice to wait or agitate. Thanks Kirk and Sharon and Denise. And to everyone for praying. My blood pressure is still high, but better than yesterday xxx

  • Wendy

    Thanks Denise for a very relevant message and John too for sharing his quote. We agree about the anchor song and look forward to singing it when we are all together. Xx

  • Sally

    I agree with all of the above and I think this mornings service we just for me , everything just fitted together perfectly . Thank you all so very much . It’s given me a lot to think about . xxx

  • Ann Maggs

    Thank you Denise for that word about waiting , very relevant to present circumstances and Kirk and Sharon , loved the new song and thanks to Patrick for putting it all together.

  • Sara Messer

    Bit late but just wanted to say Al and I listened at 7.15am in a Premier Inn in Canterbury! Loved the anchor song (hope neighbours did too🙏😉). Waiting message was just the business too – plenty to think on once we’re back.

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