5 thoughts on “10 January 2021

  • Natalie

    Wonderful, wise words again, Denise. Thank you everyone for a God-inspired service. Lovely to see Patrick and Gillian, too ­čÖéHope everyone has a happy and safe week xx

  • Mark

    Thank you everyone for another great service with a very wise message. Please never let us become complacent with you God.

    Have a safe and peaceful weekend everyone.

    Mark, Claire, Luke and Chloe xxxxx

  • Sara Messer

    Thank you Denise and Mark for a really relevant message and prayers today. Looking around my house I know how clutter works (!). I’ve filled up so many cupboards I now shove everything in the loft! But it is so good to get one room clear, a place of pared down peace, and it doesn’t have to be that big. So I’m going to try that spiritually too. Thanks too for the worship songs. Don’t know how many of us are finding sleep tricky – especially sleep patterns. I know I am and it was so good to hear that God is there at all times and that he welcomes every moment I’m awake. Keep safe all xx

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